Doctors for Assange

We are a group of doctors from around the world that formed in October 2019 to voice our serious concerns about the health of Julian Assange and to condemn the violations of his right to be free from torture, right to health, and right to doctor-patient confidentiality.



We invite fellow doctors to join us as signatories by completing the form below or emailing Please only sign this if you are a Medical Professional.


We invite fellow doctors to join us as signatories to our letters to add further voice to our calls. Together we can challenge, and raise awareness of, the abuses with a view to ending the torture of Mr. Assange and ensuring his access to the best available healthcare before it is too late.

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286 Ms Bennett Berkowitz United States MD in obgyn, FACOG
285 Ms Juvenal Hernández Vidal Chile Radiología
284 Mr Carlos Ramos Honduras Internal Medicine
283 Dr. Jurgen R. Gatt Malta MD, B.A., M.A., PhD (Lecturer; Spec. in History of Medicine)
282 Dr. Milton Pena United Kingdom Médico Cirujano, FRCS (Ed)
281 Dr. Luis Servin Mexico M.D. ( Neorosurgeon)
280 Dr. Ariane Wieser Germany Psychiatry/ Psychotherapy
279 Dr. PAMELA BUTLER United States Clinical psychologist
278 Dr. Bryan Adrian Priego Parra Mexico Medical doctor, Universidad Veracruzana
277 Dr. Adam Gyulai-Lancaster United Kingdom MBBS Core Psychiatry Trainee
276 Dr. Kay Kelly United Kingdom Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Retired)
275 Mrs Monica Aguirre Argentina
274 Mrs Anna Ehinger Sweden MD, Cytopathologist
273 Dr. Ilan Rothman United States Anesthesiologist
272 Dr. Andrea Kuhnl United Kingdom Consultant Haematologist, King's College Hospital London
271 Mr Gerrit Trettow Germany Civil Engineer
270 Dr. Nina Dowling Australia MBBS
269 Mr henrik orrling Sweden Pediatrician
268 Ms DENIZE STINGHEN Brazil Doctor, Acupunture
267 Ms José Castro Brazil Cardiology
266 Dr. MARIA HELENA L G CERQUEIRA Brazil Pediatrician from Brazil
265 Dr. Johan Lindelin Sweden MD; Psychiatry Resident, Skåne University Hospital
264 Dr. Sonia Baur United States M.D., (internal medicine)
263 Dr. Francesco Alessio Massimo Serini Italy M.D., specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
262 Dr. Jennifer Seely United States MD
261 Dr. Christian HUBERT France radiology
260 Dr. Felix Rietmann Switzerland MD, PhD, History of Medicine
259 Ms Joy Kloester Australia RM, Lecturer
258 Dr. Marc Hirt Germany Pharmacology
257 Ms William John Kalk United Kingdom MB BCh, FRCP, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
256 Dr. Thomas Kellermann Germany Internal medicine
255 Dr. Ulrich Etschmann Germany Clinical Psychologist
254 Dr. Susanne Krauss-Etschmann Germany Paediatrician
253 Dr. William John Kalk United Kingdom MB BCH, FRCP
252 Dr. Kevin Coleman Australia MB.BS. DTM&H (Liverpool), MPH(UNSW)
251 Dr. Alberto Scafati Argentina Anesthesiologist
250 Dr. Houda BADA Morocco Ophtalmologist
249 Dr. Mary O'Gorman United Kingdom MB Ch B GP
248 Mr Pierre-Alexandre Squara France Junior Doctor in Public Health
247 Dr. JAMES ARMSTRONG United States Ph.D. licensed psychologist; forensic psychologist
246 Dr. Robert Fies United States board certified internal medicine
245 Dr. Thomas Pichert Switzerland Psychiatry
244 Mrs Agnès Bruckert France
243 Dr. Ruby South ?? FRCP
242 Miss Rebekka Troller United Kingdom MD, post CCT general surgery
241 Dr. Johannes Möst Austria Assoc.-Prof., Clinical microbiology, Clinical microbiology laboratory
240 Mr Rafel Sanjuan Spain Cardiology
239 Ms Therese Dettenborn Germany Plastic Surgeon
238 Dr. Daniel Mueller Canada
237 Dr. Robert Winston Canada MD, FACP, FRCPC